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Award-Winning App for kids under 5 years

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400+ Nursery Rhymes and Learning Songs for Toddlers

Ideal for toddlers. Unlike videos, KidloLand Nursery Rhymes are interactive. Thousands of surprises come alive by tapping on screen.

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Educational App for Kids

A complete Phonics section with songs and activities to help kids take their first steps towards reading.

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Learning Games for Children

Games which kids will love playing. They will learn a lot without realizing that they have been learning while playing games.

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Fun Math Games for Kids Online

Activities will help develop a child's pre-math skills, sequencing skills, picture & number comprehension, problem solving skills, build memory & develop their imagination & creativity.

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Toddlers Games and Activities

Watch your little genius complete all the exciting activities such as Puzzles, Join the Dots, Matching the Shadows, Sorting as well as Dressing, Popping Balloons, Cleaning activities and more!



Sorting activities create a strong foundation of math for early learners. Develop thinking skills through sorting games.

Surprise Eggs

Surprise Eggs

Who doesn't love surprises? Little ones can enjoy tapping on the eggs on screen and watch surprises come alive.

Balloon Popping


Babies and toddlers will enjoy the variety of fun balloon popping activities in KidloLand.

Animals Sounds

Kids love animals and animal sounds. KidloLand has a complete collection of original songs, one each for every animal. Watch your kids squeal with delight when they play and learn with the animal on screen.Funny animations and sounds make each experience a special one for little kids.

Animals Nursery-Rhymes-for-Kids


Get toddlers introduced to birds in a fun way. A song for every bird.



Don't all little ones love bugs? Colorful, playful insects in songs just for them.

Water Animals

Water Animals

Get your little ones dancing with Dolphins, Whales & other water animals.

Benefits of KidloLand Learning

Offline Access

Colorful and Cute Illustrations

Fully Interactive and Animated Graphics

Playlist Feature for Songs

Read and Sing Along with highlighted lyrics

Story Telling with Voice

Over 500+ Stories, Songs, Games all at one place

Kid Safe and Kid Friendly Content

460+ Mom Bloggers recommend KidloLand


When she’s on the app, I don’t to worry about her stumbling something bad or scary.


My daughter loves all of the games of the app as these have cute, colorful little monsters

erin stewart

Overall I would highly recommend the app to anyone with children under the age of 7.

Viktoria Andersson

She was drawn to the shapes & colors that come with the nursery rhymes.

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More Fun and Learning



Trucks, trains, cars, planes and boats! Loads of them to keep your kids happily occupied in long flights or road trips.


Colors & Shapes

Learning colors will be a breeze with our super cool original songs and activities. They'll be singing along and learning at the same time!

Stories Nursery Rhymes


Read a wide selection of timeless fables, original stories, fairy tales and stories!

Vegetables Fruits

Fruits & Vegetables

Original songs for all fruits and vegetables. Fun characters and funnier antics makes this a blockbuster for children.

Provide the Gift of Fun Learning.

Help your child learn - the fun way! Enjoy 1000+ songs, games, activities and stories in KidloLand!

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Preschool Learning Games (Ages 0-4)
In today's world, children have access to tablets, iPads and phones. So why not turn their screentime into guilt-free learning time? That's where KidloLand comes into the picture. KidloLand offers the best baby games, baby songs, nursery rhymes and kids songs for your little ones. Through completely interactive and intuitive learning, kids will enhance fine-motor skills, concentration, thinking skills and develop confidence and creativity. Sing along to foot-tapping toddler songs or play toddler games for 2 year olds and 3 year olds. There's something for every child in this app! All preschool games are designed by experts and approved by educators. Kids will be inspired and delighted by the cute animations and positive reinforcement in the app. KidloLand is the best learning companion for your preschooler.

Kindergarten Learning Games (Ages 4-5)

As kids learn and grow, their educational needs change as well. KidloLand understands that and provides perfect age-appropriate content for your child. Kindergarten games including math games, art & coloring games and basic coding games will ensure that your child learns something new every day. Every activity comes with eye-catching animations, awesome themes and super cute characters that kids love! Unlike youtube, KidloLand is 100% educational and completely kid-safe. No more worrying about stumbling onto unsafe content online. KidloLand is not just entertainment - it's EDUtainment!

Educational Games for Kids (Ages 5-6)

Things get more challenging and engaging for kids of higher age groups in KidloLand! Play a wide variety of games which teach coding concepts like advanced coding, debugging and loops in a fun and easy way! Complicated concepts of math and coding will become easy peasy. These games for kids will boost your child's memory, logic, cognitive skills, linguistic skills and problem-solving skills. There's more! Ignite your child's creative spark with paint-by-number coloring games, blocks art coloring, pixel art coloring and many such creativity games! With KidloLand, kids will learn through play - every single day!

Learning Games for Kids (Ages 6-7)

The fun-filled educational adventure continues with even MORE awesome kids games! Things get more challenging in this age group, which makes it ideal for your second grader! Play 2-player quick-thinking games, unique coloring games and hundreds of subject-based games. Games on Math, Reading & Writing, Science, Geography are all aligned to the common core curriculum. This collection of learning games combines play and learning in an effective manner. These games will help kids achieve mastery on these subjects easily. Children will stay ahead in school and get improved results after they practice daily with KidloLand!