KidloLand Math Preschool

Makes learning math a child's play! 350+ math games teach kids aged 4 to 6 to count, add, subtract & more with fun games like sorting & categorizing, puzzles, and matching the patterns.

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Learn to Count
Learn Addition and Subtraction
Solve easy puzzles
Learn Comparison
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Math games for Kids

Make Math Learning Easy & Exciting

Make your kids fall in love with numbers with fun educational math games that combine learning and entertainment. The fun characters and vibrant graphics keep children engaged and account for positive screen time, making it a win-win for both kids and parents. It is a great way to get some daily mental workout and will keep kids sharp.


Here's Why KidloLand Math Preschool Is Perfect For Your Kids

Number Sense: Learn the numbers!

Geometry: Learn the basic shapes!

Counting: Learn to count up to 100!

Categorizing: Learn to sort and categorize in groups!

Comparison: Compare objects based on their properties!

Patterns: Learn to recognize and identify!

Here's What Parents Are Saying About Math Preschool

I would highly recommend this app! Very educational and my child loves all the games!


Kids can enjoy and learn at the same time! Learn math with addition, subtraction and more!


So much to do in this one app! My daughter is absolutely obsessed!! I love the kidlo apps!


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