KidloLand Coding Preschool

The easiest and most fun way to learn the very basics of coding! 50+ exciting games like firefighting, popping balloons, and more makes learning enjoyable.

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Teach Coding Concepts to Kids
Award Winning Coding Games for Kids
Improve Logical Thinking
Enhance Memory Power
Develop Problem Solving Skills
Learn Code with Fun

Develop Your Child's Early Coding Skills

Coding is an essential skill in today's world. Your little ones can become the next innovators by learning to code. These coding games teach kids the very basics of programming. It teaches coding with 50+ fun games like firefighting, popping balloons, or playing a dentist. These coding games help kids improve their problem-solving skills, boosts memory, increase logical thinking skills and prepare them for school.


What skills will kids learn with these coding games?

Recognize patterns to complete all levels

Order actions in a logical sequence

Learn to implement patterns in their day-to-day life

Easy instructions to apply in their daily lives

Discover the suitable actions needed to solve each level

Here's What Parents Are Saying About Coding Preschool

As a programmer, I wish Kidlo Coding was availlable when I was studying basic coding in uni. Now my 6 year old son already know the power of loop and function. Keep up the GOOD WORK, Kidlo!

Afrian Khouw

The games are very nice and easy to learn! Tutorial helps kids learn basics of coding! Amazing customer service as well! I had an issue and they have fixed it right away!


I genuinely recommend this app to each parent who wants their children to learn fundamental coding concepts right from loops, functions, etc in such a fun n entertaining way!


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