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Discover a host of fun, interactive games with vivid animations that make learning to add and subtract an absolute joy for kids aged 4 to 8!

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Learning Addition & Subtraction Has Never Been So Fun

KidloLand Addition & Subtraction is an ideal app for first-grade kids to learn addition and subtraction easily. Kids aged 4-8 years can learn to add and subtract by playing 350+ fun games! KidloLand Addition & Subtraction is the perfect companion for first-grade students to learn math. They will never get bored of studying math!


Here's Why KidloLand Addition & Subtraction Is Perfect For Your Kids

A wide variety of games:- There are over 350 games to choose from. Kids will never get bored of playing!

Ideal for 4-8 year old kids:- An ideal companion for first-grade kids to learn math at home easily.

Completely safe for children:- This app is completely kid-friendly without any ads. No worries!

Available offline:- Going on a trip? Download all the games to play offline, anytime and anywhere.

Here's What Parents Are Saying About Addition and Subtraction App

Make your kids learn with fun do it now find maths boring don’t worry this is fun maths!


The game was great for the kids to learn. The pictures made it so much easier. Highly recommended.


Very good game My sister is 4 and she already knows every single number as well how to calculate them, she doesn't get bored at all because the game is very fun

Bonolo Makhubela

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