460+ Mom Bloggers recommend KidloLand

61. Aditi
Mom of a monster

Why choose KidloLand for your child? Original educational songs for learning ABCs, Animals, Fruits, Vegetables & much more. Download the songs & enjoy them offline anywhere, anytime. No advertisements.
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62. Viktoria Andersson
Awesome Alice

My daughter is 11 months old and she was immediately drawn to the shapes and colors that come with the nursery rhymes. Every time a new song comes on, she gets so excited and brightens up.
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63. Tara White
The single mums diary
United Kingdom

I am always a bit concerned with Alfie playing games on my phone and iPad but this one he learns at the same time as playing and he really enjoys it.
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64. Jackie Kosh
Rocky Mtn Momma
United States

Caden especially likes the story games and practicing his reading skills. He's all set to start kindergarten next week!
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65. Kenny Saputra
Mama On Repeat

After using KidloLand for the past few weeks, J improves his interests & skills in writing the letter massively by playing with the “learn to trace”.
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66. Robyn
Diary Of A Little Peach

My favourite is the Fruits and Vegetables category, but I also really like the Nursery Rhymes, Stories, Colours and Shapes, and of course the Games categories.
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67. Jodine Mac
Misses Mac
New Zealand

My little dude’s favourite activity is the Chomping Monsters. He loves dragging things like fruit or ice cream in to the monster’s mouths.
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68. Sheyla Knigge
The Momma Chronicles
United States

KidloLand is a children’s learning app that offers multiple games and learning activities for kids.
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69. Lindsay Whitman Drewes
Kiddo Korner
United States

Every game, video and story we did was completely developmentally appropriate and kid friendly.
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70. Delia Minuni
Punk To Pacifiers

This app is also great for cognitive skills and hand-eye coordination. I could see how he gradually learned to move the on screen items with his finger.
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71. Susan Jane
The Mama Resource
United States

From first glance, I noticed how colorful the app was. Also, there are so many options to choose from – from nursery rhymes, games, phonics & activities to build cognitive skills & hand-eye coordination!
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72. Zoe George
The Subtle Mummy

Best part is that it's educational so I don't have mumma guilt (because we all know there's plenty of that to go around).
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73. Mallory Wanless
One Nerdy Mama
United States

This app was designed with toddler brains in mind, meaning that it is bright, colorful, and filled with songs for everything. My favorite section(so far) is the phonics section.
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74. Kaity
With Kids And Coffee
United States

My daughter is obsessed with the songs in KidloLand! I like them, too, as they have a level of “realness” that I think is missing from a lot of kids learning tools.
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75. Lynne
New Mummy Blog
United Kingdom

Learning nursery rhymes, playing teaching games and learning numbers and letters as well as to write them at age 2 (2 years 4 months), is brilliant in my book.
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76. Valerie Barajas
Some Times A Good Mom Of Two
United States

I really liked that for Millie it was easier to navigate then most educational apps. For Nolan we would sit down and play with it together.
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77. Karen Reep
Raising The Reeps

There are several different areas of study for your toddler to enjoy. They include: seasons, time, colors, shapes, numbers, alphabet games, and nursery rhymes.
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78. Mckenzie Cherrington
Cherrington Chatter
United States

The best part about the app is that there are no ads! I love that I don’t have to worry about Beck clicking on an ad & him being taken to a different page, cause it has happened before!
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79. Honey Wears
Steph Gore
United Kingdom

Well organised content, making it easy for children to navigate between games, stories and songs independently.
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80. Amy
Making Motherhood Matter
United States

It’s so much fun, that she could spend her whole time just within one app, instead of her usual bouncing between apps.
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81. Brittany Ferrell
A mama tale
United States

My daughter calls it “Monster’s Game” because all of the games within the app have these cute, colorful little monsters
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82. Lianne Freeman
Ankle biters adventures
United Kingdom

The activities help the littles learn numbers, shapes and colours which is fab for their age group.
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83. Emma
Yummy Mummy's Blog
United Kingdom

When I say KidloLand is jam-packed with content, I mean PACKED to the rafters ready to burst!
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84. Vanessa Falsetti
Josephine: A Creative Life

Instead of playing in the backyard for half-an-hour during his brother’s morning nap, he might try the puzzles or the surprises section of the KidoLand App. He loves songs and stories as well.
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85. Ashley Archibald
United States

The app is uniquely interactive. In "Fish Aquarium Coloring" activity, I thought it was cute that you get to color a fish, and then drop it into its aquarium.
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86. Nadine
Making Her Mama
United Kingdom

Because kids learn in a variety of manners, and usually have a preference to their style of learning, it’s helpful to find an app with many approaches.
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87. Chloe
A Cold Cup of Chloe

There's a HUGE database of activity/song/educational stories and songs and the graphics were bright and cheerful.
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88. Lisa
Pass the Prosecco please
United Kingdom

The little one loved the transport songs and games and enjoyed scrolling and pressing the buttons, as small people do!
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89. Alicia Trautwein
The Mom Kind
United States

Having autism means little man does struggle with communication, fine motor skills, and social skills. So you could imagine my delight when he easily figured out how to maneuver the app completely by himself!
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90. Rebecca Scope
Mummy & Maker
United Kingdom

I am amazed at how her vocabulary is developing with the help of songs. Penny can now sing “twinkle twinkle” clearly and “Ba ba black sheep” in her own little way.
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1. Kaiden Laverty
A Suffolk Dad
United Kingdom

KidloLand is great for your child’s education in a fun way that keeps them engaged and wanting to do more.
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2. Ross Hunt
United Kingdom

There is an awful lot on kidloland app to keep your child entertained, engaged, and most certainly distracted whilst at least trying to educate them.
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3. Emanuel Antonio
Two Dads And A Kid
South Africa

Our son is about to enter “BIG” school, so we enjoyed how through the use of old familiar catchy rhymes the app introduces.
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4. Erik
Nola Papa
United States

It is amazing to see just how fast it took our daughter to start swiping and tapping the different games! She slides the fruit into the barrels just as fast as I can!
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5. Matthew
Dad Up North
United Kingdom

Its lovely to sit with Effy and hear her follow along saying A, A, A,….Apple and then attempt to play the game at the end
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6. Richard Miles
2 Bottles of Milk And A Packet of Nappies
United Kingdom

Oliver loved this level of detail and enjoyed watching these songs over and over again.
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7. John
Network Dads

The App provides children (and parents) with a range of options that are both entertaining and educational.
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8. Oli Reed
The Outdoor Dad
United Kingdom

It’s very good and an invaluable tool if you need to settle a screaming baby on a long car journey, but you need to sacrifice your sanity as a result.
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9. Dan - ShireDad
One Man and His Sprog
United Kingdom

There’s no doubt that Kidloland potentially offers many hours of activity as the hundreds of songs and games are browsed.
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10. Chad Miller
United States

My toddler picked up immediately on some of the familiar songs and loves the interactive games where he can dress firefighters, drive a fire truck, and play connect the dots.
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11. Jonathan Macy
The Daddy's Life
United States

The app is user friendly, engages children, and has many different fun games and activities to keep your child's attention while they learn.
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I purchased this app a while back but the updates just keep making it even better. My 18 month son loves it and it has entertained as well as teaching him many things from the alphabet to his favourite nursery rhymes. The interactive feature makes this a 5* app. Keep up the good work :)

Ronburg - App Store

This app is simply amazing. It has a ton of content and kids love it. My niece is absolutely in love with this app and is already learning rhymes and tunes from this app. I highly recommend this app for anyone with kids. Kids can learn about animals, rhymes, shapes, vegetables...you name it.

akshayj82 - App Store

My daughter loves this app. The content is harmless & she loves that she can touch the screen to make things move or make sound. She is only 18 months old, so she can't do much more on a tablet, anyway. She gets to use the tablet when she is sick, or has to go to the doctor. Thank you!


My son love this app a lot :)

Nayr05 - App Store

Pure poems and good Love it. Really awesome for kids and also good grapics and sound quality on my samsung galaxy s4

Parent - Google Play

Wonderful Wonderful... my little one can pass hours... lovely app... save your life always with two toddlers! I love it.

Parent - Google Play

Excellent App. My Niece loves this app. She loves to play the interactive elements in it over and over again. Worth a five star!!

Parent - Google Play

:) 50000 stars. Love all the poems and wallpaper and graphics are awsome,the music is clear. Please put more poems and they should be free Thanks!

Parent - Google Play

Brilliant app I would say this is the best app of all nursery rhymes... I really enjoys showing these rhymes to my son and seeing his expression woo haaa oh wow like that.... Great...

Noore Jeshmi - Google Play

Possibly the best app for toddlers. The songs are sweet and not too annoying. My daughter has played with it from 3 years old and still enjoys it at 4. She can easily move to the different pages and options by herself.

Parent - Amazon Appstore

My baby girl loves this app. Helps to put her to sleep

kassiopeia_kg - App Store

This app is a fantastic app for little one to watch and learn from I give it 5 stars

Shirley Lawrence - Google Play

My baby loves to explore learning ....Nursery Rhymes always puts a smile on her face..

Anita Davison - Amazon Appstore

The detail on each & every page is amazing & everything about this app is awesome, my 22 month old cant get enough of it!!

Peta Delaney - Google Play

My son face lit up with the song and interactive video. He played each song over and over. I love this app because it made my son happy!

Parent - Google Play

My baby is only 9months and he loves it ,keep him happy and occupied.... he knows the songs dancers to it full of laughter...

Naydine Panapa Browne - Google Play

This is a lovely simple app with bright colours for even the youngest child.

Parent - Google Play

Superb... Very good work...excellent...mind blowing...creative...

Parent - Google Play

Loved the Graphics and design. My kid is totally loving it.....

Parent - Google Play

Worth the money and provides hours of entertainment for my toddler. Great app with lots of interaction and fun things to click on easy for toddlers.Love it.

Jessica Moseson - Amazon Appstore

I'm thrilled! I'm so thrilled at how much this app covers. From nusery rhymes to abcd songs and songs about shapes and colors. This is the best app i've ever come across for my kid. Love love love it. 5 stars to you guys.

Parent - Google Play

My grandsons adore this app which I first showed them on my iPhone but which I now use on my iPad. I recommend it to any grandparent who loves quiet quality time with his or her grandchildren. I was happy to pay for the extended version.

The Opalowl - App Store

All my grandchildren love it! My two year old dances to the music and the four and six year old had great fun finding out all the different actions they could find that the characters do. The mouse giving "rasberries" to the night while hidden under the queen's chair was played over and over with many giggles and hysterical laughter!

Lauren Mills - Amazon Appstore

I am the gran who downloaded your tunes and rhymes, for my grandchild. We absolutely love the music, and especially the wide variety of interaction within the segments. They are so buzzy and no rhyme is boring. We love the unexpected and the hidden joys. My grandchild laughs and chuckles and I sing louder than I should. Thank you for making these apps exciting and enjoyable. Your so cool

Bundole - App Store

My 1 year old great granddaughter loves this app. I cannot use my phone at all when she is there. I am definitely going to need a tablet for her soon.

LynnB - Amazon Appstore

It is one my grandson likes. I went ahead and bought some of the others as well. Words are highlighted as they are read or sang.

Julie Hartmann-Chocoholic - Amazon Appstore

My granddaughter loves this. It's a very nice interactive app, with lots of songs. She always asks for my tablet, I put this on for her and eventually she'll fall asleep playing with it every time.

Missy Long - Amazon Appstore

Great for the younger children. Seems to be very interesting for my 3 year old grandson. I would recommend.

Mary McComas - Amazon Appstore

My one year old granddaughter loves this app and learned very quickly how to use it by herself.

kathy oconnor - Amazon Appstore

I really like this for the young children. I purchased the other songs so it would be a grandson's Fire we got him for Christmas.

Kelly - Amazon Appstore

My grandson enjoys the sound and colors

Towana Jackson - Amazon Appstore

My grandbaby keeps walking around the house singing....the same couple of nursery rhymes.

Traveldiva2 - Amazon Appstore

My granddaughters play with the app whenever they visit me. Happy kids. Happy grandpa.

Mdc White - App Store


Rita - Amazon Appstore

Downloaded this for my great grandson and he just loves the Nursery Rhymes.

Sandyon May - Amazon Appstore

My grandson loved these nursery rhymes!! I even loved them!!

ByIrma Reidland - Amazon Appstore

My one year old granddaughter loves it!

Pattie Gilbert - Amazon Appstore

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