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5 Tricks To Raising Your Twins That Will Help You

5 Tricks To Raising Your Twins That Will Help You

Your life changes completely when a little bundle of joy enters your life, but how much does it change when two of them join your family at the same time? Well, it changes drastically. Giving birth to twins can mean double the joy, double the blessing but also double the effort and sleep deprivation. Raising twins needs a lot more energy and involvement from both parents than raising one child. If you have infant twins or you’ve received the good news from your doctor that you’ll have twins soon, firstly – congratulations! Secondly, don’t stress. Proper planning, preparations, and scheduling of your time right from the beginning can be very helpful.

How should you handle twin babies?

You will come across a lot of problems and issues which parents with one child usually do not experience. Identical or not, raising two little babies who are so similar yet so different is a challenge. So how can you handle the mischief of cute little twins? The following are some things that we think will make it much easier.

Embrace their differences

Right from the beginning, your identical or fraternal twins will be quite different from each other. They will have different likes, dislikes, one of them might be a happy little love bug, while the other might wake up the whole neighborhood with his cries. As a parent, it is essential to embrace their differences and work with them. Remember to never make either one of them feel excluded or unloved. Value their choices and individuality even if the society only views them as a ‘pair of twins’. There will be moments when your twins do not seem to like each other that much, but if you handle it with care and love without losing your temper, such situations will be resolved very quickly. has useful guidelines for balancing your life with twins.

raising identical twins

Set a schedule

It’s no easy task, but try to set a common schedule for the twins. If your children’s feeding time, bathing time and sleeping time is the same, it means that there will be some time left for you as well. Partner up with your significant other and schedule your nap timings accordingly. With some practice, you can breast-feed both babies at the same time or you can choose to feed them formula. Although having twins can mean sleep deprivation for parents, it doesn’t have to be a complete nightmare.


If you’re a parent of twins or even triplets, multi-tasking will be an important part of your schedule. There will be times when one of your babies is throwing a tantrum while the other one is just playing with his toys quietly. At such times, you can pay a bit more attention towards calming the crying baby without feeling any type of guilt for it. Being a mom of twins means you need to juggle multiple things at the same time while keeping both your babies occupied without losing your cool.

parenting twin babies

Ask for help

Even if you can successfully multi-task, don’t refuse any help when it comes your way. Ask for help from your mother, mother-in-law, baby sitters or any of your best friends and they’d be glad to help you out. You can use this time off to sleep, eat well, go swimming or do anything that helps you relax.

Manage stress

Raising twins is a stressful duty but there are a few ways you can effectively handle the stress. Don’t isolate yourself. Take breaks during the day. If you’re depressed, talk it out with someone. Express yourself. Find some time for yourself and unwind. Don’t lose the spark of your marriage with your significant other. Join Twins and Multiples support groups. Lastly, don’t worry, things will get easier gradually.

raising twin babies first year

In a nutshell

Having twins is an experience like no other. It’s a challenge but it is also greatly rewarding. It can get crazy, your house might become a complete mess, you might even envy parents with one child – but don’t panic, it’s all worth it in the end!

Welcome To The Kidloland Blog!

Welcome To The Kidloland Blog!

The world is getting more and more tech-savvy, so why should your child be left behind? We, at Kidloland, strive to give your kids the best preschool learning and education but also with loads of fun!

Kidloland is a complete learning app (available on the App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore) for kids between the age of 0 to 5 years old, full of thousands of vibrant and colorful animations. It includes various stories, activities, puzzles, games and more.
Here are some of the best things your child can learn through this app:

  1. Nursery Rhymes

    old macdonald nursery rhyme Itsy bitsy spider

    Kidloland offers your favorite rhymes like Old Macdonald, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Mary Had A Little Lamb, Itsy Bitsy Spider and much more. Your child can sing-along to various classic nursery rhymes which are highlighted with the song. The interactive and educational rhymes are easy to follow and guaranteed to make your bonding experience with your toddler even more fun! Watch with glee as your child touches the characters on the screen and giggles with surprise at the silly animations.

  2. Stories

    ant and dove story

    It’s very important to instill good values and morals in a child as early as possible. That’s where stories come in. Fables and stories have been a source of learning since ages and your kid can learn them all in this app. Kidloland includes a variety of stories with good morals along with eye-catching visuals and animation.

  3. ABCs and Phonics
    Happy Apples C cat alphabet

    Learning is fun with phonics! Your child will learn all the alphabets and the alphabet song easily while enjoying as well. This includes alphabets and phonics right from A-A-Apple to Z-Z-Zebra!

  4. Games

    space puzzle game fruit puzzle games

    With our games, children can hone their cognitive skills by arranging pieces of puzzles together, sorting them correctly, counting them, identifying them and a lot more. They will also help your child note the difference between light and heavy objects, recognize colors, find the odd ones out and sharpen their memory.

  5. Activities

    beetle learn shapes

    Within this category, kids can touch the screen to make the characters (like bees, cows, beetles, sheep etc.) perform various educational activities. A calm voice guides your child through the activities and motivates them when they accomplish it.

  6. Animal Kingdom
    sheep animal kingdom

    This section in the app helps your child learn facts about animals in the animal kingdom in an innovative way. Enjoy the music and sing along to the cheerful songs in this category.

  7. Fruits and Vegetables

    pineapple and fruit games

    Nutrition is very important for your child and after playing with this section, your child won’t refuse to eat fruits and vegetables! Original and catchy tunes will help your toddler learn more about them in an easy and interactive way.

  8. Vehicles

    airplane and vehicle songs

    Be it an airplane or a boat, your kid will know about them all. Kidloland includes a wide range of fun and exciting vehicle songs!

  9. Lullabies

    lullaby for kids

    Getting your super active child to fall asleep easily is definitely not an easy task – moms and dads around the world will agree. Lullabies are a great way to make your baby feel calm and drift into sweet dreams. Rock-A-Bye, Sleep Baby Sleep, Hush Little Baby are just a few of the lullabies on Kidloland which are sung with a deeply soothing voice. These will make sure your baby has a golden little slumber.

  10. Learning The Basics

    kids learn colors

    Develop your preschooler’s thinking, concentration, hand & eye coordination, memory and recognition skills as they practice the names of days, months, colors, shapes etc. with cute and funny characters on the device screen.

Technology has made learning more fun than ever. Over 200,000 happy families use KidloLand Nursery Rhymes For Kids and you can, too!

At Kidloland, we aim to encourage your child to keep learning and keep growing smarter every day! Subscribe to our blog to keep yourself updated about future posts dealing with parenting, childcare and learning.

Download the App here:

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