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5 Tips For A Healthy & Interesting Lunchbox For Preschoolers

5 Tips For A Healthy & Interesting Lunchbox For Preschoolers

Kids, especially the ones under the age of 6, are picky eaters and making a lunchbox for them can be quite a daunting task. If you’ve only been packing sandwiches in your preschooler’s lunchbox, it is time to switch it up and make it interesting for you and your little one! It’s essential that your child’s lunchbox is healthy and also gets him excited for lunch time. Here are some simple and easy ways to make your child’s lunchbox more fun!

1. Get creative.

Cut out vegetables and fruits such as carrots and oranges into fun shapes. You can use various cutters or even cut it out yourself. Make funny faces by including various veggies and set your inner creative artist free. This will not only make the lunchbox fun, but it will also make your preschooler giggle. Try to keep it exciting by choosing a different vegetable every single day.

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2. Keep your child hydrated.

A bottle of homemade orange juice or a yummy smoothie will surely liven up your child’s lunchbox even more. Include fruits such as bananas and strawberries, which will be a nutritious addition to the lunchbox. You can also buy colorful and attractive water bottles, so that your child drinks a lot of water throughout the day and stays hydrated.

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3. Think outside the sandwich.

Instead of the same old sandwich, how about preparing some wraps, rolls, or even some pasta? Including these food items will ensure that your child’s lunchbox is never boring. Increase the health quotient of these recipes by adding some broccoli, peas, and corn. You can even add some chicken and various sauces to ramp up their flavor. Your preschooler will thank you for it.

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4. Pack the power trio.

Healthy eating is a must, no matter what your age is! Make sure that you add the power trio to your preschooler’s lunchbox. The power trio consists of fiber, protein & healthy fat. Whole grain oatmeal, fruits like apples, pears, oranges, are all rich in fiber. Eggs, poultry, fish, dairy products are all great sources of protein. Avocados and hummus are sources of healthy fat.

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5. Make it fun!

Whatever you do, just make it fun! Kids love different shapes and colors. So, work with that in mind and make the lunchbox very colorful. A wonderful and healthy lunchbox is nothing less than artwork. Make pinwheel snacks, veggie dips, heart-shaped cookies to keep your little one super excited for lunch time! Happy eating!

Tips to Pack a Healthy Lunch

Moms! 5 Relaxation Tips To Make You Stress-Free

Moms! 5 Relaxation Tips To Make You Stress-Free

A baby is truly a blessing for every parent. Being a mom is a beautiful experience and there is no doubt about it. Raising a child is also a very stressful 24-hour job with no vacations for a really long time. Moms have a tendency to forgo their own needs and relaxation over everything else which can lead to exhaustion and other health risks. It is necessary for every mom to make a conscious effort to relieve your stress and anxiety by investing some time in self-care. But if you have a lively little infant, toddler or a preschooler, you just don’t have time! How can you de-stress with such a busy schedule? Don’t worry, here are 5 simple and easy tips for you to relax and clear your mind of all the pressure and anxiety that comes with parenthood.

1. Find some time for yourself.

Wake up early if you have to, but find some quiet time where you can be in your own company. Make yourself a cup of hot coffee, take a long warm bath, snuggle in the sheets or read a book. While your baby is taking a nap, try to relax your mind, body and your soul. This will energize you for the long day of parenting responsibilities that await you.

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2. Take a deep breath.

A calm mind ensures that you won’t let out your anger on your little one or your significant other. Make sure you take a deep breath every time you feel stressed or anxious. Meditate whenever you get some free time. There will be moments in your day when your toddler is throwing a massive tantrum which can irritate you, but a deep breath can help you think clearly and make you calm.

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3. Take a break from your mommy routine.

It’s not wrong to want some free time in your daily routine where you can do something that you want to do, be it shopping all by yourself, going out with your friends for dinner or even a quiet walk down the street. Ask your significant other to hold the fort at home while you’re away. Such time-outs can be a breath of fresh air and can also be helpful to slow down your otherwise hectic life of running after your toddler.

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4. Get some exercise.

Now, running after your toddler isn’t enough exercise! Organize your busy schedule to include some yoga during your child’s nap time. Exercising doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to hit the gym every day. You can do simple, 10 to 20-minute workouts at home or jog around your neighborhood. It will make you feel pumped, refreshed and also make you fitter for the long day ahead of you.

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5. Find a creative outlet.

Everybody has a hobby – it can be painting, doodling, writing or dancing! An important part of every mom’s ‘me-time’ should include you returning to your hobbies and enjoying yourself. A mom’s busy schedule can get so overwhelming that their creative side takes a backseat. Finding a creative outlet not only helps you to get refreshed and enjoy your time, but it will also make you a happier person in general.

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Children are a source of immense joy, but make sure you don’t stress yourself out in the process of raising them. Some strategic organizing and planning of your day will help you find the perfect balance that is required for motherhood!