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Moms! 5 Relaxation Tips To Make You Stress-Free

Moms! 5 Relaxation Tips To Make You Stress-Free

A baby is truly a blessing for every parent. Being a mom is a beautiful experience and there is no doubt about it. Raising a child is also a very stressful 24-hour job with no vacations for a really long time. Moms have a tendency to forgo their own needs and relaxation over everything else which can lead to exhaustion and other health risks. It is necessary for every mom to make a conscious effort to relieve your stress and anxiety by investing some time in self-care. But if you have a lively little infant, toddler or a preschooler, you just don’t have time! How can you de-stress with such a busy schedule? Don’t worry, here are 5 simple and easy tips for you to relax and clear your mind of all the pressure and anxiety that comes with parenthood.

1. Find some time for yourself.

Wake up early if you have to, but find some quiet time where you can be in your own company. Make yourself a cup of hot coffee, take a long warm bath, snuggle in the sheets or read a book. While your baby is taking a nap, try to relax your mind, body and your soul. This will energize you for the long day of parenting responsibilities that await you.

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2. Take a deep breath.

A calm mind ensures that you won’t let out your anger on your little one or your significant other. Make sure you take a deep breath every time you feel stressed or anxious. Meditate whenever you get some free time. There will be moments in your day when your toddler is throwing a massive tantrum which can irritate you, but a deep breath can help you think clearly and make you calm.

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3. Take a break from your mommy routine.

It’s not wrong to want some free time in your daily routine where you can do something that you want to do, be it shopping all by yourself, going out with your friends for dinner or even a quiet walk down the street. Ask your significant other to hold the fort at home while you’re away. Such time-outs can be a breath of fresh air and can also be helpful to slow down your otherwise hectic life of running after your toddler.

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4. Get some exercise.

Now, running after your toddler isn’t enough exercise! Organize your busy schedule to include some yoga during your child’s nap time. Exercising doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to hit the gym every day. You can do simple, 10 to 20-minute workouts at home or jog around your neighborhood. It will make you feel pumped, refreshed and also make you fitter for the long day ahead of you.

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5. Find a creative outlet.

Everybody has a hobby – it can be painting, doodling, writing or dancing! An important part of every mom’s ‘me-time’ should include you returning to your hobbies and enjoying yourself. A mom’s busy schedule can get so overwhelming that their creative side takes a backseat. Finding a creative outlet not only helps you to get refreshed and enjoy your time, but it will also make you a happier person in general.

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Children are a source of immense joy, but make sure you don’t stress yourself out in the process of raising them. Some strategic organizing and planning of your day will help you find the perfect balance that is required for motherhood!


20 Most Positive Things To Say To Your Child!

20 Most Positive Things To Say To Your Child!

A little child is like a flower, the more you water the flower with kindness and positivity, the more beautifully it will bloom. A positive attitude towards your children is highly important right from the beginning. Including encouraging words and gestures in your conversation have an immensely long-term effect on your child’s thinking and growth.

Every child looks up to his or her parents as a source of inspiration and it is essential to practice positivity by example. Negative and aggressive comments made in times of anger will only create issues in their psyche and behavior. Children will express and communicate all of their thoughts freely only if the environment around them is cheerful and lively which is inherently the parents’ responsibility.

Here are the 20 most positive things you can say to your child for effective communication between you and your bundle of joy.

1. I love you.

Let your child know that they are loved, unconditionally.

2. You’re really good at this!

If your children are putting effort into something, make sure you applaud their endeavors by complimenting them.

3. I appreciate you.

Let your child know that you care.

4. It’s okay to make mistakes.

Children make mistakes. Let them know that it’s alright.

5. What are you feeling?

Children, sometimes, do not realize how to convey their thoughts and open up. Ask them about their feelings clearly and lovingly.

6. Thank you.

Thank your child when he/she does something nice for you. It will instill good manners in your kid right from the beginning.

7. I’m proud of you.

Even if your child didn’t succeed in something (for example, an art competition or a school race), say that you’re still very proud of their effort.

8. You make me so happy!

Just tell them that they’re a ray of sunshine in your life and watch as their face lights up in joy.

9. I admire your kindness.

Kindness is a virtue which must be inculcated early on in the childhood. Teach them that a kind demeanor is greatly appreciated.

10. That’s an amazing idea!

Accept every idea, suggestion and opinion from your little one with cheerfulness.

11. I’m sorry for this.

Saying sorry to your children helps them understand the importance of accepting your mistake and sincerely apologizing for it.

12. We understand you.

There will be times when your child becomes stubborn & throws a tantrum. Saying ‘we understand you’ makes the child realize that his/her parents are trying their very best to help.

13. I am here to talk about anything at all.

When your children are growing up, they will have questions – lots of them. Don’t let any topic be taboo and be open to answering any questions that cross their minds.

14. I’m here to help.

Let your children know that no matter what they’re going through, you’re always there to help!

15. You are important.

Help your child understand mutual respect by making them feel important and valuable in every way.

16. I trust you so much.

Saying this builds a strong foundation of trust among family members and helps the child build better relationships in his/her lifetime.

17. Do you like it?

Ask for their genuine opinion and ask whether they like certain things or not.

18. You can do it!

Your child will struggle at various things while growing up. Be their personal cheerleader and remind them that they are very capable of doing it well.

19. I forgive you.

Saying ‘I forgive you’ is as important as saying ‘I am sorry’. Teach your child that forgiving someone and not holding grudges against them takes a big heart.

20. You look great just the way you are.

Avoid belittling comments about your child’s physicality or abilities. Appreciate them in all their cuteness!

Be an epitome of kindness, love, and affection around your child because you never know which of your words are shaping your kid and will be carried by them throughout their lifetime!

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