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Why Do 275+ Mom Bloggers Recommend KidloLand?

Why Do 275+ Mom Bloggers Recommend KidloLand?

We use technology for almost everything these days. Our day begins and ends with our smartphone or tablet. We use it for purposes of entertainment, work, to stay connected and even to get educated! Yes! Parents, especially moms, all over the world have embraced the fact that education has become modernized with the advancement of technology. It’s a fast-paced world and it has become essential for children to keep up and become tech-savvy.

With the availability of online educational games and services, websites which facilitate learning and informative apps, technology have revolutionized education. The combination of education and apps for kids can have great results if used in the right way. If you are a parent with a curious little child, you have probably wondered – Can technology actually help my kid to learn? Is screen-time beneficial for my toddler? Well, over 275 expert mom bloggers from around the world agree! All of these moms have extensively used the KidloLand app for their little ones to learn, think, memorize and also have fun along with it. Jacqui Bester, a mama of 4 babies, writes, ‘KidloLand is bright, colorful, engaging and everything is interactive so little ones can tap away and see new and exciting things pop onto the screen!’

Why do 275+ Mom Bloggers recommend KidloLand?

It keeps your child engaged.

Traveling on long-haul flights or car journeys with your child is nothing short of a nightmare for parents. Since it involves sitting and waiting in one place for a long period of time, kids can get restless and impatient, throw tantrums, and the worst – start crying loudly. With KidloLand, you can keep your baby engaged and entertained for long hours, be it in a restaurant, doctor’s waiting room, or long journeys. People around you will thank you for it. Mom blogger Alison’s daughter Annie loves KidloLand because it is filled with lots of little puzzles to keep her busy on long flights.

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Interactive content improves your toddler’s dexterity.

Your child’s little hands are still growing and learning. Small movements which involve the muscles of the wrists, hands, feet, toes are all part of fine motor skills which are essential for your toddler’s growth. When you choose interactive content such as ‘Jelly Splat’ on KidloLand, your child stays mentally alert, uses his fingers to touch and tap the characters thus improving his dexterity. Casey, a working momma, loves that the characters on KidloLand spring up surprises with each tap of the finger.

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Jelly Splat

Great for children with special needs.

Learning has to be extremely fun for children with autism and special needs and KidloLand does exactly that. With high quality illustrations and animations, this app can be thoroughly useful for every child. Sharna Mahanidis, whose son James was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, recommends the app for neurotypical and special-needs children who are known to be intelligent visual learners.

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Your child can sing along and dance along to the songs.

If you’re concerned about your child not getting enough exercise, don’t worry! Moms have loved the fact that KidloLand has 375+ nursery rhymes and songs for your child to sing along and dance along with. Right from the famous Old MacDonald to original Christmas Songs, this app has everything for your cute little pre-kindergarten student. Caroline, a mum of three, writes that her son Arthur loves to sing along to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to himself while he plays!

nursery rhyme app for kids

Your child can learn all about ABCs, phonics and more.

The best part of KidloLand, according to every mom blogger, is that the app lets your child learn and play at the same time. Getting your little one acquainted with the ABCs, phonics, nursery rhymes, early reading stories and fables is very easy with KidloLand. Kami, a mother of three, says, ‘I can see my 2-year-old counting and singing ABCs with this amazing app.’ The colorful animations, funny surprises, and soothing voice narrations are great to keep your baby interested.

child learning ABCD
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Available offline with no annoying ads!

Annoying ads can be hazardous, especially if your child is left alone with an app. Parents don’t have to worry when their child uses KidloLand because it is completely ad-free and also needs a grown up to answer a math question to get through to the settings. This makes sure that your munchkin doesn’t click on in-app purchases without your knowledge. You can also save your precious data because the downloaded content on KidloLand is available offline! Just download a chunk of content while you’re on WiFi and it will come in handy when you’re outdoors with your little one. Sam, a mom from Scotland, thinks that this is a big bonus!

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Certified Kid-SAFE!

You don’t have to feel guilty about handing your device over to your child to play with KidloLand because it has the ‘Kid-SAFE’ seal of approval which means that the content your child is interacting with is kid-friendly, age-appropriate and beneficial. Belle, a mom of two adorable kids, is very picky with what her kids watch and loves that KidloLand is certified safe! With the playlist feature of KidloLand, your baby can play and learn with 25 of his favorite songs back-to-back while you do your other chores or just relax. You can delete and download any content you want, any time!

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With so many positive and great features, moms have been wholeheartedly accepting apps such as KidloLand as a crucial part of their kids’ learning experience. Moms have also given it a big thumbs up by honoring the app with the Gold Mom’s Choice Award®. You can mix fun and learning for your child, too, by downloading KidloLand here:

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20 Most Positive Things To Say To Your Child!

20 Most Positive Things To Say To Your Child!

A little child is like a flower, the more you water the flower with kindness and positivity, the more beautifully it will bloom. A positive attitude towards your children is highly important right from the beginning. Including encouraging words and gestures in your conversation have an immensely long-term effect on your child’s thinking and growth.

Every child looks up to his or her parents as a source of inspiration and it is essential to practice positivity by example. Negative and aggressive comments made in times of anger will only create issues in their psyche and behavior. Children will express and communicate all of their thoughts freely only if the environment around them is cheerful and lively which is inherently the parents’ responsibility.

Here are the 20 most positive things you can say to your child for effective communication between you and your bundle of joy.

1. I love you.

Let your child know that they are loved, unconditionally.

2. You’re really good at this!

If your children are putting effort into something, make sure you applaud their endeavors by complimenting them.

3. I appreciate you.

Let your child know that you care.

4. It’s okay to make mistakes.

Children make mistakes. Let them know that it’s alright.

5. What are you feeling?

Children, sometimes, do not realize how to convey their thoughts and open up. Ask them about their feelings clearly and lovingly.

6. Thank you.

Thank your child when he/she does something nice for you. It will instill good manners in your kid right from the beginning.

7. I’m proud of you.

Even if your child didn’t succeed in something (for example, an art competition or a school race), say that you’re still very proud of their effort.

8. You make me so happy!

Just tell them that they’re a ray of sunshine in your life and watch as their face lights up in joy.

9. I admire your kindness.

Kindness is a virtue which must be inculcated early on in the childhood. Teach them that a kind demeanor is greatly appreciated.

10. That’s an amazing idea!

Accept every idea, suggestion and opinion from your little one with cheerfulness.

11. I’m sorry for this.

Saying sorry to your children helps them understand the importance of accepting your mistake and sincerely apologizing for it.

12. We understand you.

There will be times when your child becomes stubborn & throws a tantrum. Saying ‘we understand you’ makes the child realize that his/her parents are trying their very best to help.

13. I am here to talk about anything at all.

When your children are growing up, they will have questions – lots of them. Don’t let any topic be taboo and be open to answering any questions that cross their minds.

14. I’m here to help.

Let your children know that no matter what they’re going through, you’re always there to help!

15. You are important.

Help your child understand mutual respect by making them feel important and valuable in every way.

16. I trust you so much.

Saying this builds a strong foundation of trust among family members and helps the child build better relationships in his/her lifetime.

17. Do you like it?

Ask for their genuine opinion and ask whether they like certain things or not.

18. You can do it!

Your child will struggle at various things while growing up. Be their personal cheerleader and remind them that they are very capable of doing it well.

19. I forgive you.

Saying ‘I forgive you’ is as important as saying ‘I am sorry’. Teach your child that forgiving someone and not holding grudges against them takes a big heart.

20. You look great just the way you are.

Avoid belittling comments about your child’s physicality or abilities. Appreciate them in all their cuteness!

Be an epitome of kindness, love, and affection around your child because you never know which of your words are shaping your kid and will be carried by them throughout their lifetime!

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